pyclustering  0.10.1
pyclustring is a Python, C++ data mining library.
pyclustering.nnet.som.som_parameters Class Reference

Represents SOM parameters. More...

Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self)
 Creates SOM parameters.

Public Attributes

 Defines an initialization way for neuron weights (random, random in center of the input data, random distributed in data, ditributed in line with uniform grid).
 Initial radius. More...
 Rate of learning.
 Condition that defines when the learining process should be stopped. More...
 Seed for random state (by default is None, current system time is used).

Detailed Description

Represents SOM parameters.

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Member Data Documentation

◆ adaptation_threshold


Condition that defines when the learining process should be stopped.

It is used when the autostop mode is on.

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◆ init_radius


Initial radius.

If the initial radius is not specified (equals to None) then it will be calculated by SOM.

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