pyclustering.cluster.bsas.bsas_visualizer Class Reference

Visualizer of BSAS algorithm's results. More...

Static Public Member Functions

def show_clusters (sample, clusters, representatives, kwargs)
 Display BSAS clustering results. More...

Detailed Description

Visualizer of BSAS algorithm's results.

BSAS visualizer provides visualization services that are specific for BSAS algorithm.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ show_clusters()

def pyclustering.cluster.bsas.bsas_visualizer.show_clusters (   sample,

Display BSAS clustering results.

[in]sample(list): Dataset that was used for clustering.
[in]clusters(array_like): Clusters that were allocated by the algorithm.
[in]representatives(array_like): Allocated representatives correspond to clusters.
[in]**kwargsArbitrary keyword arguments (available arguments: 'figure', 'display', 'offset').

Keyword Args:

  • figure (figure): If 'None' then new is figure is created, otherwise specified figure is used for visualization.
  • display (bool): If 'True' then figure will be shown by the method, otherwise it should be shown manually using matplotlib function ''.
  • offset (uint): Specify axes index on the figure where results should be drawn (only if argument 'figure' is specified).
(figure) Figure where clusters were drawn.

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