pyclustering.nnet.syncpr.syncpr_dynamic Class Reference

Represents output dynamic of syncpr (Sync for Pattern Recognition). More...

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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, phase, time, ccore)
 Constructor of syncpr dynamic. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from pyclustering.nnet.sync.sync_dynamic
def output (self)
 (list) Returns output dynamic of the Sync network (phase coordinates of each oscillator in the network) during simulation.
def time (self)
 (list) Returns sampling times when dynamic is measured during simulation.
def __init__ (self, phase, time, ccore=None)
 Constructor of Sync dynamic. More...
def __del__ (self)
 Default destructor of Sync dynamic.
def __len__ (self)
 Returns number of simulation steps that are stored in dynamic. More...
def __getitem__ (self, index)
 Indexing of the dynamic.
def allocate_sync_ensembles (self, tolerance=0.01, indexes=None, iteration=None)
 Allocate clusters in line with ensembles of synchronous oscillators where each synchronous ensemble corresponds to only one cluster. More...
def allocate_phase_matrix (self, grid_width=None, grid_height=None, iteration=None)
 Returns 2D matrix of phase values of oscillators at the specified iteration of simulation. More...
def allocate_correlation_matrix (self, iteration=None)
 Allocate correlation matrix between oscillators at the specified step of simulation. More...
def calculate_order_parameter (self, start_iteration=None, stop_iteration=None)
 Calculates level of global synchorization (order parameter). More...
def calculate_local_order_parameter (self, oscillatory_network, start_iteration=None, stop_iteration=None)
 Calculates local order parameter. More...

Detailed Description

Represents output dynamic of syncpr (Sync for Pattern Recognition).

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def pyclustering.nnet.syncpr.syncpr_dynamic.__init__ (   self,

Constructor of syncpr dynamic.

[in]phase(list): Dynamic of oscillators on each step of simulation. If ccore pointer is specified than it can be ignored.
[in]time(list): Simulation time.
[in]ccore(ctypes.pointer): Pointer to CCORE sync_dynamic instance in memory.

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