pyclustering  0.10.1
pyclustring is a Python, C++ data mining library.
pyclustering.container.kdtree Namespace Reference

Data Structure: KD-Tree. More...


class  kdtree
 Represents KD Tree that is a space-partitioning data structure for organizing points in a k-dimensional space. More...
class  kdtree_balanced
 Represents balanced static KD-tree that does not provide services to add and remove nodes after initialization. More...
class  kdtree_visualizer
 KD-tree visualizer that provides service to display graphical representation of the tree using matplotlib library. More...
class  node
 Represents a node in a KD-Tree. More...

Detailed Description

Data Structure: KD-Tree.

Implementation based on paper [34].

Andrei Novikov (